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It's no secret, I love coffee. I talk about it every day. I drink it multiple times a day. In fact, I even read about it, blogs, magazines ... I actually own books about coffee. I am obsessed.

So, you can most likely imagine that when I am working, travelling around the world staying in hotels, hostels, friends living rooms, vans, tents etc ... the coffee has a tendency to be inconsistent. In fact, that is being far too polite on my part; more often than not, the coffee on offer is poor (there are exceptions). Not one to let something as small as a few thousand miles and a dodgy hotel restaurant get in the way ... I decided to create my own travel set up ... a way of guaranteeing excellent coffee, on the go, at a moment's notice.


What you will need:

  • AEROPRESS – the most durable coffee maker I have found. Lightweight, robust and ready for travel.
  • AEROPRESS PAPERS – comes with the Aeropress, but if like me you drink a lot of coffee, then you'll need to keep a good supply. I use a small circular tupperware to store them. It keeps them safe and dry. Drill-bit boxes also work. 
  • RHINOWARES HAND GRINDER – stainless steel (which means I can't break it), with adjustable ceramic conical burrs (creme-de-la-creme). The best thing about this grinder is that it fits inside the Aeropress itself. Perfect for space saving on the go. 
  • HOT WATER – if you are travelling somewhere that you know will have a kettle then you don't need to worry too much. If you are out for a day then a decent flask is a good option. If you are off-grid for a couple of days then a stove is best. 
  • A TRAVEL MUG – choose one with a good capacity. The exact capacity of an Aeropress is hard to determine in real world terms because it all depends how much coffee you put in before adding water ... and then how much water you add later too. Personally I find an 8oz / 227ml cup is too small. The one pictured is 500ml by Forever Flask, I also use a 16oz / 454ml  & a 22oz / 650 ml cup from Hydroflask.
  • COFFEE (!)  – arguably the most important part. It needs to be coffee from a single origin, 100% Arabica. Opt for a light roast, medium if you must and I always, ALWAYS go for whole bean. Coffee begins to lose it's flavour 30 minutes after grinding. Keep it locked up in there until the very moment you need it.
Tent - check. Stunning landscape - check. Excellent coffee - you better bloody believe it.   © L LONSDALE 2017

Tent - check. Stunning landscape - check. Excellent coffee - you better bloody believe it.   © L LONSDALE 2017


This set up has been at my side all around the globe. I travel well; I embrace other cultures in all senses ... but when I have got a lot of work to do, drinking bad coffee really gets to me. It's my one home-comfort, my one little luxury and it is worth the effort. This kit gives me the ability to drink excellent coffee everywhere and that makes a massive difference to my psych levels. I have used it in South Korea, China, USA, all over Europe (including Italy – don't tell them) ... genuinely, it's fantastic. It packs to the size of a wash kit and weighs very little.


Step-by-step guide to making bloody lovely coffee on the go. 

It really is as simple as that. As you can see ... I made the coffee here in the back of a car, using the bumper as a table. I've made it on the floor in a studio, on a rock in the hills ... it's super versatile and can be used ANYWHERE! 


You can now buy this entire set up as a bundle from Rinaldo's Specialty Coffee & Fine Teas ... the 'Globetrotter' kit is a bobby dazzler. Use the code: LIAM10 at checkout to receive 10% off ALL teas and coffees. WINNER.

If you have coffee related questions then stick them in the comments below. 

Suffer crap coffee on your travels no more. LL

Excellent coffee at sunrise. Because, why not? © L LONSDALE 2017

Excellent coffee at sunrise. Because, why not? © L LONSDALE 2017