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Last week I published this article about making coffee whilst on the move. 

At the end of that very week I ventured down to London Coffee Festival with Mr Cumbrian Coffee himself, Rin Colombi of Rinaldo's Speciality Coffee and Fine Teas

Rin was venturing down there on business and hired me to shoot content from the event for his website as well as meet some new suppliers to prepare to shoot more content together when the stock arrives. I had to think about whether or not to go for about 3 seconds ... I mean come on?! THE LONDON COFFEE FESTIVAL, it's renowned as the best in the world. The only thing that could get me more excited would be the Lancashire Coffee Festival ... but that doesn't exist yet. 

Naturally, when you put two caffeine aficionados on a train for 3 hours from the Lake District to London we were always going to want a coffee. I was prepared (of course) with my travel set-up. There is no way that I was willing to suffer the miserable, brown water that comes from the instant machine on Sir Richard's on-board cafe. 

Being the daft pair that we are, we made a how-to video of our barista efforts ... which makes a rather nice accompaniment to the original article. Enjoy the fun:

Over the coming days I'll be putting together some words about the highlights of the London Coffee Festival, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, stay caffeinated. LL

ps. If you don't know already, using the code: LIAM10 at checkout on the Rinaldo's website will get you 10% discount off all coffee and teas. Belting!