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Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Early starts, late finishes, long days, hard work. All are unavoidable parts of what we do and for me, all of them are fuelled by one of my favourite beverages ... coffee.

Most of you that know me will know how much I love coffee, or more specifically espresso and not simply for its energising elixir. You will know how deeply I value the sensation of creating a perfect crema, how fascinated I am by the effects of roasts and blends on the palette, how enchanted I am by the wondrous aroma as it sails through the air and tickles my nostrils.

I saw this trailer from Avocados & Coconuts recently and if you love coffee as much as I do, then you'll be mad for the film (I bought it today and will be sitting on a three hour flight tomorrow - one guess what I'll be doing).

If YOU are a coffee fan, or maybe when you read this and watched the trailer you were reminded of SOMEONE ELSE who loves coffee as much as I do, then share this post with them. Spread the love.

There will some coffee inspired photography coming this way soon.

Have a great Saturday & soak up some caffeiney goodness | LL

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