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Did you see my last article on the way I use my Peak Design set up? What did you think? 

Scouting the bottom of the crag. CAPTURE PRO is visible mounted on my harness with the PRO PAD for maximum comfort. CLUTCH is on my right hand, on the 5d. SLIDE is over my shoulder, long lens on the end.  

Now that you have got a grasp of the basis of my set up and usage for the CLUTCH, PRO PAD & CAPTURE PRO you'll have a solid idea of where they come into play during a shoot or in my everyday workflow. 

[NOTE FROM LIAM: Throughout the article you'll notice I've included annotated images - these show me using the key bits of gear i'm referring and should hopefully give you an idea of what they do & how I use them. Click on the image to expand it to full screen. Make sure you watch the PD videos too ... they're super interesting and explain the tech much better than I ever could.]

My Peak Design set up doesn't stop there though. And so now, without further ado, allow me to introduce to you two of my favourite pieces of kit that I own ... SLIDE and LEASH.

Both are straps, with very different purposes. Both are incredibly well thought out (and also incredibly simple) - classic design traits of any PD kit. Using them is an absolute pleasure and makes carrying cameras a almost unnoticed pleasure rather than a painful chore. 

So ... let's get down to business and let me explain what, in my opinion, sets these straps apart from the rest of the bunch.

SLIDE really is a thing of beauty. When scouting the base of a crag, running around looking for the perfect aspect to shoot from ... or when I am wandering the streets of a city, carrying just my camera and my sense of adventure ... it's the perfect companion. It adjusts easily, feels incredibly comfortable and is, well, just brilliant. Rather than continue to wax lyrical or attempt to go into the finer details, I'll let the folks at Peak Design explain why it is so flipping wonderful. 

For me, the comfort of the SLIDE is totally unparalleled and for this reason I only really use the LEASH as a sling/strap when I am travelling super stripped back - fast and light you might say.

My primary use for LEASH is as the perfect security measure when I am hauling my fat arse up and down a static rope, wielding several grands worth of camera equipment. It stays slung around my body and cinched tight, clipped to the base of my 5d, acting as the perfect back up if I did the unthinkable and dropped it.

Paired up with the CAPTURE PRO to attach the camera to my harness when I'm not shooting, the system is neat and simple. The whole setup means that the camera doesn't swing around off me when I'm not holding it, but is quick to remove and totally safe when I do need to get at it. 

1) The CAPTURE PRO + PRO PAD set up without a camera attached. 

2) The best camera strap on the planet? SLIDE doing it's job with the long lens on the other end. 

3) LEASH slung over my shoulder and attached to the base of my 5d Mk iii as a super useful safety back-up in case I drop it. 

On top of the overall functionality of the SLIDE and LEASH (as well as the rest of the Peak Design kit I use) it is a tidy and logical system which means that when you are moving quick, maybe in a rush to get a shot you weren't expecting, it just works

As if all that wasn't enough ... and yes, I have mentioned this before, all of the Peak Design products look super professional and well, FLIPPING cool.

Attached using the Peak Design Dynemma-corded Anchors, which can each hold well over 90kg each, I have absolute confidence when putting myself into the tricky positions. 

Most importantly I trust it to keep my valuable equipment safe and secure. 

1) Crucial piece of the setup - the PEAK DESIGN ANCHOR is the linking point of the whole system and makes switching between PD products incredibly easy. These will work with anything that they can be larks-footed on to. The one the arrow points to here links to the Clutch. The one that is sticking up in the centre is linked to Leash. Mega versatile. 

2) CAPTURE PRO with camera mounted. This configuration is super efficient and works well both on a rope and also walking around the bottom of the cliff. I also remove the Capture Pro from the Pro Pad and attach it to my rucksack strap if I want my camera to hand on the approach / exit. 

3) PRO PAD - I thread my harness through the Pro Pad which then takes the weight of the camera and spreads it across the foam backing. Keeping things comfy for a day of shooting is super important.

You'll no doubt have grasped that I am a full on Peak Design fan by now. Right? I am a self confessed gear geek after all. So hopefully, it should come as no surprise to hear that I am incredibly excited to be getting my hands on the brand new PEAK DESIGN EVERYDAY MESSENGER BAG very soon. They're actually being manufactured right now.

As soon as it arrives and I've had chance to fully get to grips with it I will be doing a full review on what is promised to be one of the best bags of the century. In addition to that, there is also another brand new Peak Design product on its way to me ... the LENS CLIP which I am anticipating will revolutionise the way we change our lenses. I CAN'T WAIT. 

Stay tuned | LL

Thanks so much to Robin O'Leary / ROCUP Climbing Holidays for letting me use these pictures he took of me for this article. Much appreciated good sir. Check out his website to see some of the work we have been doing together.