the journal


As I skip merrily down the pavement in my life as a travelling photographer and presenter I have noticed various elements of what I do gradually shifting and growing. As these transformations occur it is imperative that the equipment & technology I use is able to keep up with me (and in some cases lead the way). One such thing is my website. Squarespace has been a great starting block, it provided what I required for the first couple of years of my journey, but now I feel like I have outgrown its capabilities.  

As you read this now I am working on my new site in collaboration with the wonderful folks at SmugMug . Everything should be up and running in the next few weeks, I definitely want to launch before Christmas. Building a new site whilst operating as a one-man-band is not the fastest process in the world, but I am getting there step by step. 

Check out my Instagram for regular updates on shoots / presenting / travel and more. LL